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What is Brit.I.Am - The Film?

Well, I shall tell you. In 2010 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I closed my stand up comedy show, "Afroblighty" with a poem called Brit.I.Am. The poem was my take on the things in British culture and society we love, hate, wish would change, and the things we hope will always be the same.

I am freedom of speech,
I am nothing to say.
I’m chip paper tomorrow
Yet news today.
I am the angry Daily Mail,
I am the loony left…
The stoic, the conscious,
The confused, the bereft.
I’m pomp and circumstance,
I am a hideous past.
I am colonial might,
I am built to last.
I am the squandered youth,
I am the hopeful young.
I’m the desperate few,
The sense of one.
I am the influx, the exodus,
The growth, the dross.
I’m the wars, the victories,
The senseless loss.
I am stick thin models.
I am obesity rising.
I am 10 years younger,
I am binging and dieting.
I’m sticky back plastic
I am flower pot men
I’m Rainbow and Bod
and Magpie, Mr Benn
I am institutionally racist
I am ethnically diverse
I am PC gone mad
I am things getting worse
I am cancelled trains
I am call centre rage
I am national pride
I am “We rule the waves”
I’m all of these things,
Inherent, innate.
It’s what makes me Britain
And what makes me great.

It occurred to me that the poem could translate to the screen, so I started looking at how to make it into a short film. It soon became obvious that this was not something I could do alone, and furthermore - I didn’t want to. I wanted to get as many people involved as possible.

The idea is to construct the film from individual lines of the poem performed by different people in all walks of life, the whole length and breadth of the country. When it's all cut together, my hope is that it will provide a unique portrait of life in Britain today.

The finished film will be submitted to film festivals all over the world, and every contribution that makes the final edit will be credited. Imagine that, your own film credit!

Click here to get involved!

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